Hotaru Uchiha is a genin of Tanigakure

History Edit

Hotaru was originally born into the Uchiha family, however she grew up to understand that the Uchiha were spoiling her, and she was just led to follow after the previous Uchiha's in exceeding all of the other students at the academy. Almost instantly after joining the academy, she noticed that the other students, knowing of her being an Uchiha, were avoiding her, so she started to question the ways and rules of the Uchiha clan and abandoned it at a young age. She cut her hair, changed her usual attire and acted as differently as possible, and after about half a year of not showing up anywhere, Hotaru rejoined the academy, and told none of the other students what clan she belonged to, and acted as though she was a new student, gaining new friends. She graduated the academy soon after.

Appearance Edit

She has long brown hair, usually tied in a pony tail with a light blue ribbon. She wears a light blue half top with mesh around the stomach area. Over the top of that, she wears a large long sleeved coat that is turquoise colored, and leads into finger-less gloves. She has black shorts that are covered by a light blue skirt that's open on the right side. She always wears mesh socks, and usually goes around barefoot but sometimes has black sandals on. Her headband is located loosely around her neck, and she has dark blue eyes. She stores her kunai and other various weapons in a pouch on her right thigh.

Jutsu known Edit

  • Shadow clone Jutsu (1 or maybe 2 on a good day)
  • Clone Jutsu
  • Transformation Jutsu
  • Body flicker technique
  • Naka shrine pass technique
  • Manipulating Windmill triple blades
  • Fire release: Great fireball technique.
  • Summoning Jutsu: Snow leopard summon.

Statistics Edit

Taijutsu Genjutsu Ninjutsu Medical Fuinjutsu Sensory Kenjutsu Chakra control
Genin 14 0 9 3 2 10 6 16